Betriyal Hat trick. Does Rekha Thapa hate Nepali in Malaysia?

This is the third time Rekha Thapa had promised to participate programs in Malaysia and refused to go there — three years in row. The Nepali people living in Malaysia are wondering what made Rekha hate them so much that she always refuses to go there. Is it only the organizers or the country as a whole? When asked to Rekha, she has answers

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2015 Betrayal: Friendship Dhamaka 5

Unlike previous two betrayal’s the organizers had time to recover from this betrayal. So, they convinced actress Karishma Manandhar to participate in the program in the place of Rekha Thapa. The program titled ‘Friendship Dhamaka 5’ is well underway now with actress Neeta Dhungana, Jyoti Magar, Kiran KC, Shiva Hari Poudel and other artists. (a report in xnepali)

Like the case of 2013, Rekha is in the USA now. Three months ago, Rekha had told that she was in the USA to collect fund. In her 3-months long stay in New York, she isn’t seen in any fund collection program or with any other Nepali people in New York.

2014 Betrayal: NEFTA film Award

Rekha canceled her trip to Malaysia in the last minute when she knew that she wasn’t going to win the Best Actress award. Actress Richa Sharma was awarded the Best Actress Award in the NEFTA award ceremony.

rekha refusal to go to malaysia

2013 Betrayal: Remix Dhamaka 5

In 3013, Rekha was in the USA and she canceled the Malaysia travel in the last minute. The organizers had to issue a press release to protest Rekha’s irresponsible behavior. Full details of her response is given in the press release (attached below).


Now, the question arises, will any more organizers in Malaysia invite Rekha to participate in the program? Based on these facts, there is very slim chance of Rekha to be featured in a stage in Malaysia. As far as award ceremonies are concerned, she has publicly announced that she won’t participate in any award ceremonies.

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