Biography of Karishma Manandhar, Karishma goes to school

At the time when her daughter is going to finish her university degree, the mother is going to high school – to study to pass Grade 9. After passing grade 8 from Galaxy Public school, she is admitted to another school – Triveni Public School in grade 9. If she continues to study in a normal pace, she will be done grade 12 in four years.

Before going in depth on the issue, let me give a short biography of Karishma:

Biography of Karishma Manandhar

Born to an army father, she lost her father in a young age. Her mother brought her up in a very tough financial situation. Karishma had a very tough childhood. While studying in grade 7 she got an opportunity to act in a movie, ‘Santaan’. The movie featuring Bhuwan KC in her opposite became a super hit movie of it’s time. The success of the movie changed everything in Karishma’s life.

Although Karishma decided to be an actress as her career, she wasn’t good at acting or dancing. Beautiful face and body helped her in establishing as an actress, but to be successful she needed acting skills. She later went to Mumbai for training in acting. While she was in Mumbai (Bombay at that time), she also acted in a Bollywood movie.

After returning to Nepal, Karishma became one of the top actress of the industry. Karishma and Rajesh Hamal were to two of the most popular actors of that time. There were rumours of their affairs and some even believed that they were real life couple. But, Karishma was married to Binod Manandhar and Hamal wasn’t interested in Karishma as a life partner.

Karishma Manandhar Profile

  • Name – Karishma Manandhar
  • Maiden Name (film industry) – Karishma KC
  • Real Name – Bunu KC
  • Birthday
  • Home
  • Married to – Binod Manandhar
  • Daughter – Kabita Manandhar

Karishma Manandhar filmography

  • Santan

Producer Karishma

As a producer Karishma isn’t successful. The first production movie did an average business. The second was a total failure. The failure of the movie at the peak of her popularity caused Karishma to leave Nepal and migrate to the USA. After living in the USA for a while, she returned back to Nepal to produced her third movie. The third movie in which she was only the producer and wasn’t in leading role, wasn’t successful either.

  • Dhukdhuki
  • Babu Saheb
  • Fagu

Hot Photos of Karishma Manandhar

I wrote about the wardrobe cases of Karishma in an earlier post.

Karishma Manandhar in news:

Karishma Manandhar arrested (2013)

Published on: Jan 26, 2013

Karishma’s dedication in the protest of film artists is appreciated by everybody. Karishma had recently gone to the UAS and returned after her 3 month long stay. After her return from the USA last month, she has been actively participating in the film artist’s protest. During one of such protests Karishma was also arrested on January 17 along with 30 other film artists.

Here are some photos of Karishma during protests:

karishma protesting -film artists

When asked if she is interested in heading the Film Development Board, Karishma told that she doesn’t have such interest and she was fighting for the benefit of film artists.

karishm and other protesting film artists

karishma in andolan


Nepali Actress Karishma missed the plane in transit at Bangkok
Published on: May 20, 2013

On May 15 actress Karishma Manandhar was stuck in Bangkok airport when she missed the flight to Nepal.

While returning Nepal from Japan Karishma had a transit at Bangkok. She was in Japan to screen Roshan Hamal’s movie ‘Rang’. While waiting for the next plane in Thailand she fell asleep. When she woke up the plane had already left. She told so in a Facebook message. The next flight was scheduled 14 hours late. She added, “I am hating myself for this.”

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