D Cine Awards 2070 winning actresses – Rekha, Karishma, Nisha, Jharana

Best Actress – Rekha Thapa from ‘Lanka’

Actress Rekha Thapa has won the best actress award again and has kept up with her previous record. The award was given to Rekha for her role in her movie ‘Lanka’.

rekha-thapa-with-best-actress-award - d cine award 2070

Best Actress in Supporting Role – Karishma Manandhar

For her role in ‘Maya’s Bar’ Karishma Manandhar was awarded the Best Actress in Supporting Role.

karishma manandhar 2013

Jury Awards for Best Actress – Nisha Adhikari

The Jury had decided to award Nisha Adhikari for the best contribution to the Nepali film industry.

nisha adhikari

Actress Sharmila Malla was also honored by the award for her contribution to the Nepali film industry.

sharmila malla

Best Actor in Negative Role – Jharana Thapa

While other actresses got awards for being good in movies, actress Jharana Thapa was awarded for her acting in negative role. For the role she performed in ‘Facebook’, Jharana was awarded the Best Actor in Negative Role award.

jharana thapa

The complete list of award and their winners are available in xnepali.

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