Richa Sharma opens up in TNM magazine


The actress Richa Sharma‘s upcoming movie features her in a very ugly appearance. She has risked by being featured in non-glamorous roles in movies and television serials. People know Richa as a serious actress and her glamorous side had always been hidden. In movies, she prefers not-so-bold appearances. She had won the National award for…

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Actress show off skin in winter, D Cine Award


There is an old saying in Nepal, “the goat eats the cold of kids.” As the kids are always running around, they don’t feel as much cold as the sedentary older folks. And, hence the saying that the goat eats their cold. But Nepali actresses are adults and they surely feel cold. I am talking…

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Childhood photos of Nepali Actresses


The following video is prepared by Anand Nepal for Although there are childhood photos of a couple of actors like Rajesh Hamal and Deepak Raj Giri, all other childhood photos are that of actresses. Watch the video to see the childhood photos of Nepali actresses including Jal Shah, Manisha Koirala, Jharana Thapa, Jharana Bajracharya,…

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Nepali Actress Bhai Tika 2015 (Photos)


Like every Nepali people, Nepali actresses also celebrated Bhai Tika with their brothers. In spite of the problem in the supply essentials because of Indian blockade, the celebration has mostly gone smoothly. The following video is a Deepawali celebration photo report : Incoming search terms:nepali hero photosnepali hiroin imagesnepali actress beautiful imagewww nepali herone photos…

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Priyanka Karki and Deepa Shree in a lovely embrace


When Priyanka Karki released a photo of herself with another actress Deepa Shree Niraula tied in a closed embrace, I couldn’t help writing about them. It sure is a lovely embrace – isn’t it? After Priyanka acted in the movie Deepa Shree Niraula was a co-producer, their relationship has flourished. The relationship between two actresseses…

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Halloween celebration of Nepali actresses


Halloween is relatively a new celebration in Nepal. Because of costumes, face paintings and partying the Western festival is bound to be popular in Nepal because of economic reasons. The restaurants, dress retailers, face painting artists and various other business would certainly love the popularity of the festival for the benefit of their business. So,…

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Dashain of Nepali artists in Richa Ghimire home in the USA


Some people say that there are more Nepali film artists in the USA than in those in Nepal. When you count the well known artists, it seems the claim is true. In the Dashain celebration in actress Richa Ghimire‘s residence in USA, a number of well known artists were seen taking the Dashain tika. And,…

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Dashain celebration of Nepali actresses


Here are the photos of Dashain Tika of Nepali actresses. The biggest celebration in Nepal, Dashain Festival was held in Nepal on Thursday, October 22. In the festival, red tika is received from elder people. This is the collection of photos of Nepali actresses celebrating Dahain with their family members. Actress Karishma Manandhar offered tika…

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Surabina Karki turns 22, happy birthday


On October 15, actress Surabina Karki celebrated her birthday with her friends and family. The actress of upcoming movie ‘Sushree’, debuted in Nepali film Industry in ‘Jhelee’. After that she has acted in movies like ‘Naikee’ and others but she is yet to give a hit movie. Originally from Sindhuli, Surabaina was also nominated for…

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Nisha Adhikari returning back to Nepal after climbing Kilimanjaro


After climbing the highest peak in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro, Nisha Adhikari is returning back to Nepal on October 13, 2015. After climbing the mountain, Nisha went in a 5-days-long jungle safari. In the safari she met the bush men who taught and showed her how they hunt for living. Nisha has shared the photos of…

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