Hot photos of Jenisha KC and break up


Actress Jenisha KC has told that she has recently broken up from a two years long affair. In the past, she had told about a Russian boyfriend when she was linked with a producer. Before that, she was also linked to actor Biraj Bhatta. Three new movies of actress Jenisha KC were released so far…

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Priyanka Karki taught Sahana Bajracharya and the viewers to dance in Amarpanchhi (video and photos)


The emcee of the show, Sahana Bajracharya asked Priyanka Karki to each her dancing. Priyanka taught some dance moves. Watch the following video to see how she taught dancing: Priyanka’s performance was one of the best among the Nepali actresses. She entered the stage from among the viewers, riding on a ‘Doli’ – a traditional…

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Garima Pant gets married, formally, donates money for scholarships in schools


I wrote about the marriage of Garima Pant in January. That was not only the marriage, but also a business partnership with the husband, Hari Sharma Thapaliya. Garima had been living with Thapaliya in Belgium for months before the announcement. So, it was no secret that they were couple. Watch video report: But, a latest…

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Priyanka Karki transparent dress in How Funny premier


Few days after asking her followers not to call her a prostitute, actress Priyanka Karki wore a very provocative transparent gown to the premier her movie ‘How Funny’. On April 20, Priyanka Karki attended the premier show of her movie dressed in a golden gown with skin colored inside – seemingly hiding nothing. By the…

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Top 5 actresses of 2072


Today is Baisakh 1, 2073 – the Nepali New Year. I wish a very happy New Year to all Nepaliactress visitors and wish you a prosperous and fruitful year ahead. On the new year I am taking a look in the past year and list the top actresses of the year 2072. Top 5 Actress…

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Top 5 Nepali actress (according to Karishma Manandhar)


When asked by a journalist to choose the top 5 actress in Nepali film industry, Nepali actress Karishma Manandhar has named the following actress as her top choice: Priyanka Karki Namrata Shrestha Richa Sharma Keki Adhikari Shilpa Pokharel Why and how did she choose these actresses? Watch the following video for the explaination: Incoming search…

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Holi celebration in Karishma Manandhar home


For the last few years, actress Karishma Manandhar had been organizing holi celebration at her home. She invites every body in the film industry and the gathering is one of the biggest gatherings in the celebrity circle in Kathmandu. Last year, Karishma was busy in the production of the movie ‘Fagu’ and had celebrated Holi…

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Richa Sharma opens up in TNM magazine


The actress Richa Sharma‘s upcoming movie features her in a very ugly appearance. She has risked by being featured in non-glamorous roles in movies and television serials. People know Richa as a serious actress and her glamorous side had always been hidden. In movies, she prefers not-so-bold appearances. She had won the National award for…

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Actress show off skin in winter, D Cine Award


There is an old saying in Nepal, “the goat eats the cold of kids.” As the kids are always running around, they don’t feel as much cold as the sedentary older folks. And, hence the saying that the goat eats their cold. But Nepali actresses are adults and they surely feel cold. I am talking…

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