Priyanka Karki fund raising dance in UK raised Rs. 500 K


Actress Priyanka Karki raised Rs. 500,000 for earthquake victims in her UK tour. In a Facebook post, Priyanka shared the photos of her dancing on stage on ‘Gairi Khet …’ song. In the comment she wrote, "Although I was smiling, it was the most unhappy dance in my life." After the dance performance, she they…

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Rekha Thapa visits earthquake victim camps


Actress Rekha Thapa and director Himgyap Lama have visited the earthquake victim camps at Sundhara, Tundikhel, Pragya Pratistan, Khulla Manch, Pashupati and Maharajjung. She had also distributed vegetables to the people taking refuge in Tundikhel. It was also the birthday of ‘Bhimdutta’ director, Himgyap Lama. On the occasion Himgyap and Rekha also visited Boudhanath Stupa…

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Sweta Khadka meets Nepali actresses in the USA


In her first USA tour, actress Sweta Khadka meets the Nepali actresses living in the USA. After the death of he husband of a month, Shree Krishna Shrestha, Sweta had been mourning for months and is trying to recover from the shock. Listen to Sweta Khadka remembering Shree Krishna in a program in USA…

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Adhakatti music launch, nine actresses unveiled the album


If it were Ashishma Nakarmi, Rista Basnet and Namrata Shrestha who unveiled the music of upcoming movie ‘Adhakatti’, it would have been normal. But, in the event held on April 20, nine actresses who were not the part of the movie jointly released the music album of the movie. Eight of the nine actresses, Karishma…

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Priyanka Karki in Madame Tussauds Sydney Australia


Actress Priyanka Karki has shared some photos of her taken in Madame Tussauds Sydney Australia during her Australia visit for the premier of her movie ‘Nai Nabhannu La 3′. The photos features Priyanka posing with the wax models of popular icons. Photo 1 – Priyanka Karki at Madame Tussads, Sydney Australia Incoming search terms:nepali hiro…

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Rekha Thapa says she returned four Raute kids, Chepang kids photo op


Actress Rekha Thapa has said that she has already returned the four children she had supported through Rekha Thapa Foundation a year ago. In a huge publicity stunt, she had brought four children, bathed them and admitted to a boarding school in Kathmandu. Video In her recent visit to Chitwan, Rekha found some Chepang kids…

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How does Nandita KC keeps herself fit ?


Actress Nandita KC has a fit and curvy body. The secret behind the body is exercise. Yes, heavy exercise. Nandita says, “It doesn’t matter if you’re sad or hung-over or lazy or tired – a workout will get your endorphins pumping, and you’ll feel like a new person almost instantly.” It is everybody’s dream to…

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Rekha Thapa meets the real Rampyari


Actress Rekha Thapa has meet the real Rampyari, the character she is going to be featured in her upcoming home production movie, ‘Rampyari’. Rekha went to Chitwan to meet the woman and try her hand on her vehicle. The movie is going to be made on the story of a real autorickshaw driver Rampyari. Incoming…

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Priyanka Karki and Nai Nabhannu La 3 premier in Australia


Premier shows of the movie ‘Nai Nabhannu La 3′ were held recently in Australia with the actress Priyanka Karki. It was a short tour of Priyanka – only 4-days long. In the tour she participated in two premier shows and spent two days each in Melbourne and Sydney. We wrote about the visit in our…

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Rajani KC heads to Pokhara for Bracelet shooting


Actress Rajani KC has gone to Pokhara for the shooting of her upcoming movie ‘Bracelet’. The movie ‘Bracelet’ is the comeback movie of actor Ramesh Upreti and being directed by comedy artists, Nirmal Sharma. After unreleased movie by Poojana Pradhan, ‘Chocolete’, ‘Bracelet’ is the second directorial project of Nirmal Sharma. With Rajani KC the movie…

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