Dashain special – Sumina Ghimire

Actress Sumina Ghimire likes the sound of Mangal Dhun – a traditional music played during the auspicious Dashain festival. Swing is one of the main attraction of Dashain but, Sumina is scared of swing. Explaining the reason behind the fright, Sumina cites an incident of her childhood.

mukesh acharya and sumina ghimire

At the age of 7, Sumina had fallen in a deep well in her home in Surkhet while fetching water in a bucket tied on a rope. Somebody heard her cry and pulled her out to save her. She fall with the rope she was pulling so, after that she became scared of rope. The swing rope reminds of the rope she fell in the well. Although she can’t do big swings in a swing, she still rides one during Dashain and do small swings.

This year, Sumina is flying to Qatar to participate in a Dashain program there.

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