Dashain special – Sushma Karki, Neeta Dhungana, Jharana Thapa, Rajani KC

Actress Sushma Karki will not be taking Dashain tika this year because of the death of her father. When a closed family member dies, auspicious ceremonies are not conducted in the year ahead. Although she won’t be taking tika she will enjoy the festival with her mother and family members.  Like many other actresses, actress Sushma Karki also doesn’t animal sacrifice during Dashain. She says, "I feel scared even on the thoughts of killing animals in festival."

sushma karki

Other actresses who had their close family member died in the last year include Neeta Dhungana whose mother had died in February. Neeta will celebrate Dashain with her father and brother although they won’t be taking any Dashain tika.

nita dhungana sexy lehenga

Actress Jharana Thapa had lost her mother-in-law during her pilgrimage and wasn’t found. She is also not celebrating Dashain in the memory her mother-in-law. Jharana is on Europe tour to participate in the cultural programs during Dashain.

 jharana in shorts

The ‘Loafer’ actress Rajani KC had recently lost her father. She is still mourning the death and will not be celebrating the festival.

rajani kc red one piece

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