Deeya Pun, Biography of Bir Bikram actress

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2022 UPDATE: Deeya Pun becomes the second Nepali actress to scale Mt. Everest. Actress Nisha Adhikari had previously climbed Mt. Everest. Deeya Pun reached the peak in the morning of Friday, May 27, 2022. Deeya had climbed the mountain with Nirmal Purja’s Elite Expedition team of 20 members. She had previously started the climb with a goal to reach the peak on April 6 but, the expedition was delayed. To start her mountaineering journey Deeya had previously climbed Argentina’s 6,961 m tall peak and then she climbed 8,163 m tall Manaslu peak before she attempted Mt. Everest. Deeya has told that she has spent 42 lakh for the expedition. Deeya’s last movie ‘Mantra’ was released a few days before she had scaled the peak. Another celebrity, Raju Lama, had also climbed Mt. Everest a few days ago.

In the press meet prior to going to Solukhumbu for Mt. Everest she had told that Deeya is only the name given for her actress identity, she has a different name for her profession. She however refused to reveal her profession and the passport name. She had told that she wants to keep these two different fields separate.

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A new Nepali actress, Deeya Pun, has made debut in the Nepali movie industry in the August 18, 2016 release movie ‘Bir Bikram’. Apart from being an actress, Deeya has also been a model and was also featured in a Nepali music video, directed by ‘Bir Bikram’ director, Milan Chams. Deeya’s mother was also featured in some Nepali movies.

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Deeya Pun profile

  • Name – Deeya Pun
  • Birthday – NA
  • Ancestral home – Sikha, Myagdi; family is living in Pokhara
  • Born in – HongKong
  • Currently living in – UK

Deeya Pun had a very interesting childhood. Being born in Hong Kong and moving to the UK at the age of nine, Deeya has lived almost all her life out of Nepal. Working with Sandra Reynolds Model Agency in London, Deeya is also a commercial model.

Although, Diya has lived in foreign countries all her life, she is well acquainted with the Nepali culture. In her debut movie, ‘Bir Bikram’ Diya is featured as a simple village girl.

Hot Photos of Deeya Pun

diya pun

diya pun red hot  bir bikram premier

Diya pun with milan chams and dayahang rai bir bikram premier

diya pun with the viewers of Bir Bikram

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