Smita Thapaliya, Biography of a hot actress

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In an upcoming movie, ‘Romance’ by BB Phuyal, Nepali actress, Smita Thapaliya, is featured in the lead role. Before that, Esmita was also featured in ‘The Last Kiss’ and ‘Love is Life’.

esmita thapaliya

The producers and Esmita herself are promoting the movie by telling that she is featured in a very hot bed scene. It is to be seen if the bed scene will help in the success of the movie.

BB Phuyal is known for making movies in sex theme but his previous movies ‘The Last Kiss’ and ‘Love you Man’ weren’t much successful. By now, he should have known that sex alone don’t sell movies. Sex does add flavor in a good movie but, flavor alone doesn’t make a good movie. A pinch of salt in a vegetable might taste good, but too much salt ruins vegetable. We hope ‘Romance’ only uses a pinch of sex to make it taste good.

Actress Profile

  • Name – Ssmita Thapaliya
  • Date of Birth – May 26, 1992
  • Hometown – Jhapa Morang

Esmita debuted as an actress in a television serial ‘Afanta’. As an actress in big screen, Esmita debuted in ‘The Last Kiss’.

Esimata’s Filmography

  • The Last Kiss
  • Love is Life
  • Romance

Hot Photos of Esmita Thapaliya

esmita thapaliya smile

esmita thapaliya photo shot

esmita romance photo shot

romance shooting

killer smile esmita.

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