Summer sum-up – Nepali Actress Sumina Ghimire likes short skirts

Nepali actress Sumina Ghimire says that she likes summer a lot because she can wear her favorite dress in the weather. Sumina’s favorite dresses are the short ones.

Sumina Ghimire_kushal thapa

In screen, short clothes are the point of attraction to the viewers. That is one of the reasons she likes short dresses. Sumina says, "I like short dresses, specially short skirts. My friends also say that I look cute in skirt."

Various rumors had been going around about Sumina and she made headlines when she bad mouthed a journalist in a phone conversation. Sumina was also talked about her statement that she is unmarried but not virgin.

sumina ghimire with rose

sumina bhimire on jeans shorts transparent shirt

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