Garima Pant and Nandita KC respond to the Belgium rumor

Actresses Garima Pant and Nandita KC are currently in a month-long Europe tour. There was a rumor that they had been ignored by the organizers of their cultural program. In responding to the media report, actresses told that it was not true.

Garima pant in Belgium Aug 2013

Nandita told that there is not problem with the organizers. She expressed surprise on the untrue rumor. She claimed no pre-planned program were canceled.

garima pant-nandita kc-and-reema

The actresses are currently living in an apartment in Leuven of Belgium. They told that they have not problem in food and room. They told that the cultural program held in Leuven on August 3 was successful. After Belgium, the actress have plans to participate in the programs in Spain, Holland, and Germany. The program in Spain will be held on August 11.

garima pant - belgium rumor responds

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