Actress Rekha Thapa featured in photojournalist calendar

Nepali actress Rekha Thapa is featured in a calendar published by the organization of photo journalists in Nepal. National Forum of Photo Journalists (NFPJ) unveiled the special edition of the year 2070 calendar in a ceremony held in Bhrikutimandap, Kathmandu.

rekha thapa - calendar pose 1

In the ceremony, the calendar was unveiled jointly by NFPJ president Kabindra Man Shakya, Tourism Board represent Sudhan Subedi and a photo journalist Bikash Rauniyar.

The photos in the calendar showcase Rekha Thapa performing various tasks of photo journalist in their duty. Photographer critics however have complained on the unprofessional photos featured in the calendar. For example, the angle by which Rekha is looking through the viewfinder in the following photo is very unrealistic.

rekha thapa - photo journalist calendar

Here are some more photos of Rekha with camera. Do you think Rekha makes a good photographer to be featured in the photo journalists’ calendar?

rekha thapa with camera

rekha thapa in photo journalist calendar (2)

rekha thapa - photography

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