Good and Bad aspects of Rekha Thapa according to Chhabi

After living together for 10 years, producer Chhabi Raj Ojha has summarized the good and bad aspects of Rekha Thapa in one of his interaction with a weekly magazine. Talking to the journalist Subrat Acharya, Chhabi has listed a dozen of her good and bad things.

chhabi and rekha thapa driving together

We have summarized the good and the bad things while the full list (in Nepali) is presented in an image format.

Good things about Rekha include her persistence and dedication to work. She takes her criticism as an opportunity to improve and she is also a lucky actress.

One of the worst thing about Rekha is her anger. She could get angry very fast and she is also careless in maintaining her figure and beauty. Anger has caused her relationship not to last long.

rekha thapa - chhabi raj ojha

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