Holi at Rekha Thapa's place (Chhabi's Namaste Nepal)

It was not only in Karishma Manandhar‘s residence or Namrata Shrestha‘s restaurant, Holi program was also held at Chhabi Raj Ojha’s office, Namaste Nepal in Baneshowr.

deepak khand and Rekha thapa - holi 2013

The ‘Hamesha’ team and the invitees celebrated colorful Holi in Rekha’s place. Although Rekha told that it was not her program and Chhabi had organized it, Rekha’s absence in Karishma’s place is frowned upon as a competition between the two.

holi at rekha - chhabi and pappu

rekha thapa holi 2013 - hamesha team

holi at rekha 2013

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