Priyanka Karki's Holi 2013

Nepali Actress Priyanka Karki seems to be the most potential actresses of all in Nepali movie industry. The Holi gossip is incomplete without the mention of the hot and sexy (and of course, single) actress.

priyanka karki - holi 2013 - hotties

Pink perfect  — Subexya Bhadel and Priyanka Karki (left to right)

priyanka karki - holi 2013 - flying kiss

Flying kisses — Sayal Shrestha, Priyanka, Sakil Kunwar and Subexya Bhadel (left to right)

Priyanka is much closer to the people in Nepali fashion industry and she is seen cat walking in ramp and dancing on stage in addition to being busy in the film sets. Her Holi 2013 celebration partners were mostly from the fashion industry.

holi 2013 group photo

holi 2013 priyanka karki and friends

priyanka karki - holi 2013 - talking to image channel

Photo credits – Subexya Bhadel

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