I am available for marriage, Rejina Upreti

Nepali actress Rejina Upreti talks about her upcoming movie ‘Bardaan’ and her marriage. The statements in her own words:


‘Bardaan’ is a social comedy film and I hope viewers will like it. I have invested the money earned by acting for the last 12 years in this movie.  Film production is very difficult.

I am asking viewers not to compare this movie with my previous movies.

The reason I have produced this movie is to use the acting experience I have in the movie industry for the last 12 years. ‘Bardaan’ is the result of my 12-years-long effort.

The total cost of the movie was 45 lakh. This time, Kabita didi had also helped in covering the cost of production.

About the rumor that I have settled in London, I want to clarify that I haven’t married. I am one of those girls who leave country to live in foreign country. When I marry, I will share my happiness with all my family and friends. I will get married in Nepal. I am available and free to get married. If anybody wants to marry me they can approach my family and ask my hand.

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