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In this article, we have collected the profile of actresses who started as a dancer in restaurants and bars before debuting in Nepali movies. The actresses featured in this article are:

  • Priya Rijal
  • Poojana Pradhan (Poojana Stri)
  • Ranjita Gurung
  • Samjhana Budhathoki
  • Sashi Khadka
  • Sima KC
  • Suvekshya Thapa
  • Usha Poudel

**Note**We DON’T mean to say that bar dancing is bad. But, acting training, dance training and higher education would have been better to start an acting career.

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There are only a few Nepali actresses in Nepali movie industry who were groomed to be actresses and had taken proper acting trainings to enter the movie industry. Many of the actresses are made actress by the producers or directors or other such god fathers. Many actresses have also admitted that the directors and producers take undue advantages from them for the roles. Some actresses have also openly admitted about such struggles they went through to get the role in the movie.

Said that, we don’t mean to generalize the fact to all of the actresses. There are many actresses who are talented and have got the role because of their talent and dedication. These days many educated and trained actresses are entering the field and the acting profession is gaining it’s reputation.

This time, we are presenting the details of some of the actresses who had started their entertainment career as a bar dancer. After acting in movies, some actresses had quit dancing and others had continued dancing in bars.

Priya Rijal

The Nepali actress Priya Rijal started her entertainment career as a bar dancer. Although she couldn’t survive in the movie industry, she is popular actress in music video. She still dances in dance bar and she is earning a lot more after the success of her music video acting career and acting in movies. Priya’s married life didn’t last long so, she is a single parent of a seven year old son. Apart from dancing in dance bars, she also visits foreign countries like Dubai and Qatar to conduct stage shows. Some of the movies featuring Priya Rijal include ‘Daiko Sasurali’ and ‘Pauju’.

Priya rijal actress

Poojana Pradhan

Nepali actress Poojana Pradhan (Poojana Stri) was also a bar dancer in Bajuki Restaurant in Durbarmarg. The director of her debut movie ‘Hero’ Naresh Poudel was a regular visitor of the restaurant who asked the dancer to act in his movie. Another Nepali actress Rekha Thapa had also debuted in the same movie. Rekha was promoted by the producer of the movie, Chhabi Raj Ojha who also married her later. Rekha managed to be the top actress in Nepali movie industry. Poojana later started social work and spiritual works. But, her latest bed scene in her upcoming movie ‘Rakshya’ has undone all the good stuffs she had done in the past.

poojana pradhar hot

Ranjita Gurung

A well known music video actress Ranjita Gurung was also a restaurant dancer before starting her career in music video modeling. She stopped dancing in Dohori Restaurants after the success of her music videos. Ranjita had acted in ‘Gorkha Paltan’. Although the Prasant Tamang’s movie was a hit, the movie wasn’t helpful to Ranjita in her acting career.

ranjita gurung actress

Samjhana Budhathoki

One of the most popular dancers of folk music videos, Samjhana Budhathoki was also a bar dancer before acting in music videos. Dance director and actor Shankar BC had introduced Samjhana in music video. Samjhana had also acted in a movie named ‘Berojgar’. The divorced actress is known to talk about sex openly. She was rumored to be having an affair with Shankar BC. The problem in Shankar’s marriage is also rumored to be related to his relationship with the dancer. Samjhana still dances in restaurants from time to time.


Sashi Khadka

Actress Sashi Khadka was also a bar dancer before she started acting. She used to dance in bars and dance restaurants in Bagbazer area. Sashi had acted in hot roles in movies like ‘Palpalma’, ‘Chandarawati’, and ‘Kina Kina’. In addition to movies, Sashi has also acted in various music video. These days, Sashi has also followed the path of Usha Poudel and has moved to Mumbai.

sashi khadka hot pose

Sima KC

Actress Sima KC was also a bar dancer before stepping into acting. Sima KC started acting in ‘Jungle Love’ of director Babu Balami. Sima is also featured in lead role in an upcoming movie ‘Use’ also by Babu. To date, Sima hasn’t worked with other directors except Babu Balami and she is rumored to be having an affair with the director.

sima kc in USE

Suvekshya Thapa

Another actress Suvekshya Thapa was also a bar dancer before starting acting. She used to dance in Rock Restaurant and Dance in Baneshwor. The dancer known as Suvekshya Timsina became Suvekshya Thapa after she married the owner of the restaurant Anil Thapa. After marriage she had stopped dancing in the restaurant. When she couldn’t get role in other’s movies, she had produced her debut movie ‘Ma Ko Hu’ by herself. But, the movie wasn’t successful.

suvekshya thapa actress

Usha Poudel

Actress Usha Poudel was one of the dancers in Show Palace Dance Bar in Durbar Marg. She debuted in Nepali movie ‘Muna Madan’ as the lead actress. She continued to dance in the restaurant for a long time after entering the film industry. These days she is in Mumbai and working in Hindi TV serials. Usha had traveled a long journey from being a dance bar dancer to an actress in Mumbai.


(Based on various newspaper articles)

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  1. No wonder how there career went downhill.Thanks god today’s new-generation actress are not picked up from bar or from some village with sexual favor they have to do with producer or director.But todays actress have strong academic qualification and some of them even went to acting school..look at pyrinka karki,keki adhikari,Nisha adhikari,Reecha sharma,Malina Joshi……good luck girl.And I can proudly say they are the actress from our own KOLLYWOOD.

  2. Itz not that.the every actress coming from bar dancer ,dohori restaurant etc .it is not bcz of there choice it may be there economic.condition.i think if they have good acting skill then the can be good actress in nepali industry.for example ranjita grg gorkha paltan iz hit of the year ….but there is no opportunity for them….

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