Is Nisha Adhikari's star value in trouble ?

Nepali actress Nisha Adhikari is a very good actress and a nice and confident person. But, she hasn’t been successful in the main task – acting. Nisha’s first movie ‘Mission Paisa’ was successful. But, after that, she hasn’t given any memorable impression in the movie industry. The success of ‘First Love’ wasn’t attributed to Nisha.

nisha adhikari

Nisha’s latest releases ‘Dhunwaa Yo Nasha’ and ‘Padmini’ were outright failure. Her role in ‘Soongava’ was  appreciated but the film goers didn’t like the movie. Now, it is the high time Nisha should be featured in a hit movie.

One more thing against Nisha is the sentiments of journalists towards her. She had gotten in trouble with some journalists and she has also made some enemies in media because of her nature. These negative vibes are also believed to be behind the recent gossips about her ‘star value’ in media.

Both, as an actress and as a person, Nisia is an awesome actress. We are sure, she will get through these time and rule the Nepali movie industry in future. Way to go Nisha !

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