Item girl Archana Dellala does a hot dance in Damdar

Following the Bollywood trend of having an item number in a movie to ensure the success of the movie, most of the Nepali movies these days also have hot item number. In an upcoming movie ‘Damdar’ item girl Dellala has done a hot dance.


After debuting as an item girl in ‘Dhuwani’s song ‘Chalak Chalak Jawani …’ Archana established herself as a hot item girl. Although the movie flopped, Archana became a hit item girl.

‘Damdar’ director Kamal Krishna says that Archana’s item number is one of the attractions of the movie. He says, Archana is a sensuous dancer with a great body to go with her skills. The movie also features actress Rekha Thapa in a police inspector’s role. Rekha’s role is short and is just a guest role.

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