Jiwan Luitel carried Priyanka Karki in Malaysia

During the cultural program in Kuala Lumpur, the show was held outdoor. It was very hot on the day and the floor was also burning hot.

Jiwan Luitel carrying Priyanka karki in Malaysia

Actress Priyanka Karki and the team had to perform on the heated floor. Priyanka danced bare foot on the floor and burnt her feet. After the dance show she realized that she had blisters in her feet. He had to go to the hospital to get treatment. After the bandages actor Jiwan Luitel had to carry her to the vehicle as she couldn’t walk.

Priyanka shared the photo with the following caption:

priyanka karki -shared jiwan luitel carrying her photo

A photo of Priyanka dancing in Kuala Lumpur

priyanka karki in Malaysis - Kuala Lumpur

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