Keki Adhikari ponders on her celebrity status in Belgium (photos)

In a Facebook post actress Keki Adhikari ponders over her celebrity status. In the Facebook post, Keki is unsure if she is celebrity or not, but she is sure that she is a proud Nepali girl and feels proud to be liked and loved by a lot of people in and out of the country. Full text of Keki’s writing is attached below:

keki Adhikari celebrity

Keki is currently in Belgium for a program. Keki is accompanied by producer and distributor Hari Baral, singer JB Oli in the One Horn Rhino Entertainment program. Like others, Keki’s flight was also delayed because of the accident of the Turkish Airlines aircraft in the only international airport in Nepal, TIA. Right after reaching Belgium, Keki had told that she has already missed the country.

Please comment on what you think of Keki’s thoughts? Also, do you think Keki is a celebrity? We, at Nepaliactress think she is a celebrity and a well loved celebrity in the Nepali film industry.

Here are some photos of Keki in Belgium.

keki adhikari in Belgium..Antwerpen (1)

keki adhikari in Belgium..Antwerpen (2)

keki adhikari in Belgium..Antwerpen (3)

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