Biography of Khusbu Khadka

Last updated on February 2nd, 2016 at 09:14 am

Based on current trend of new actresses, it seems most of the actresses in Nepali movie industry take vulgarity lesson. But, there are actresses who take acting lessons and other skill development lessons. Actress Khusbu Khadka is currently training herself in doing action roles in movie. A sportsperson before entering the film industry, Khusbu likes action roles and she does her best to prepare herself before she undertakes a task.


Khusbu is training with her friends in her neighborhood to prepare for one of her upcoming movies. Although she doesn’t have a trainer, Khusbu’s friends are helping in her training sessions.

Khusbu debuted in ‘Shyna’ as an actress and her latest movie is ‘Uni’. A documentary-type movie ‘Uni’ is based on a real story and Khusbu has high hopes from the movie. She believes, the story will be popular among audience. (photo credit kathmanducraze)


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