Monthly expense of Priyanka Karki

A well known model and Nepali actress Priyanka Karki doesn’t spend much and her monthly expense is estimated to be Rs. 20,000. It has only been two years since she started acting in movies and she has become pretty busy actress in a short time.

priyanka karki with dog

Expense breakdown of Priyanka Karki

  • Petrol in her scooter – Rs. 4,000
  • Vehicle servicing – Rs. 3,000
  • Mobile charge – Rs. 1,000
  • Beauty parlor visits are rare and spends Rs. 200

At the time she went to Qatar for the premier of ‘Kollywood’ she had spent Rs. 15,000 to buy cosmetic stuffs. She orders a Rs. 3,500 foundation from India and it lasts for eight months. She orders perfumes from USA.

Priyanka carries Rs. 3,000 and cards in her purse.

Income sources of Priyanka Karki:

  • Acting in movies
  • Modeling in advertisements
  • MC in programs
  • Modeling in music videos
  • Ramp modeling

Major investment from income so far is the scooter she bought and some saving in her bank account.


(Note – The data used in this article was published in ‘Shukrabar’ weekly, April 5, 2013.)

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