Loot actress, Sirjana Subba marries Padam Subba

Actress Sirjana Subba has married Padam Subba on Mangsir 19, 2075 BS. Padam Subba is also a film producer. Sirjana Subba started her acting career in theatre and is active in acting in plays. In addition to theatre plays, she was also featured in feature films like ‘Loot 2’, ‘Dying Candle’, Mr. Virgin and Chakkar. 

Sirjana is known for realistic acting. 

I wish Sirjana Subba and Padam Subba a happy married life and a very prosperous future. 

Who is Sirjana Subba?

In 2006 Sirjana Subba was trying to start a career in modern dance. But, she started acting in theaters. She was liked by the viewers and she was also featured in big screen in ‘Aawaz’ and ‘Loot’. Subba’s performance in ‘Dying Candle’ is one of her most notable works. For that role she had also bagged the Best Actress award in Kamana Film Award of 2017.

Sirjana Subba is also the vice-chairperson of Mandala Theater.
In an article published in Republica a while ago, Subba had told 5 things about herself, that people don’t know

Subba is attracted by the raw beauty of the remote areas and tranquility of the Himalayas. She loves and has trekked to places like Manang, Mustang, and Poonhill.
When talking about her most memorable trekking she mentions her trekking to the Annapurna Base Camp. She says, “We hiked for eight days, and the breathtaking views there overwhelmed me to tears.”

Gym and zumba
Subba’s day begins with a morning walk. When is is free, she also goes to Zumba classes and goes to gym to stay fit.
She is so busy that she doesn’t have time to spend on her own. For tat very reason, she opted to go for a walk and reflect upon herself in the free time.

Subba loves adventures – Visiting new places and exploring has made her fond of cycling and hiking since her early childhood.
Subba has bungee jumped, paraglided and canoed. Now she hopes to try rock climbing. Travelling to the Everest Base Camp, Rara Lake, and Kanchenjunga Base Camp are in her bucket list.

Subba had wanted to be a dancer rather than an actress. But, acting made her popular. She hasn’t stopped dancing and has also worked as a dance teacher in several schools. Sirjana had taken formal dance lessons in freestyle dance from Rajdhani Kala Kendra.

Outgoing and Outspoken
Sirjana Subba speak her mind out.

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