Mahima Silwal, Biography of a hot Nepali actress

Last updated on April 3rd, 2016 at 04:36 pm

Actress Mahima Silwal has become popular in the film industry in a short time. She started acting in the movie ‘Karbahi’ and has already done six movies. Mahima’s hot photo session and interviews have been quite popular among the web surfers.

mahima silwal hot pose

Actress Profile:

  • Name – Mahima Silwal
  • Debut movie – Karbahi
  • Interest – Film, study and travel
  • Body parts Mahima likes – Eyes and lips
  • Sexiest dress – Saree
  • Sex – Natural gift

Nepali actresses don’t open up when talking about blue films but Mahima is an exception in this regards. She admitted in seeing such film in solitude and relieving her desire by the use of her hands. She has explicitly told how she use her hands in one of her interviews.

mahima interview - sex

She also says that such movies are good for the feeling and knowledge.

blue_mahima silwal interview 1

mahima answers blue film

Hot photos of Mahima Silwal

shooting in a river

mahima silwal- sexy looks

raj and mahima silwal

raj kshithz and mahima silwal

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