Neha Pun murderer identified, Satish Khadgi arrested

UPDATE: Full police report on the killing of Neha Pun:

The murderer of the actress Neha Pun has been identified as one of her friends, Satish Khadgi. According to the police, Satish was dropping her off to her home when he killed her.

Video report:

Satish reportedly proposed for a sexual relationship to which Neha refused. He stopped and tried to be forceful. When Neha protested, he became angry and hit Neha on her head with his helmet. When Neha fell down, Satish fled the scene.

Our earlier report on Neha’s murder case.

satish khadgi - murderer of Neha PUn

police show off satish khadgi the murderer of neha

neha pun with satish khadgi before the murder

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  1. Weakness fuckin rules of our Nepal…..sidhai fansiko sajaya hunu parxa yadi vayana vane yasta papi rapist ta kati janminxa janminxa Nepalma.

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