Nepali Actress in theater (F.F.) – Jharana Thapa, Sumina Ghimire, Mahima Silwal

Every Friday we post about the actresses of the movies released on the week. This Friday, two movies – ‘April Fool’ and ‘Dhukuti’ were released in theaters. Director DK Pun’s ‘Dhukuti’ features actresses Jharana Thapa, Priya Rijal, and Dolma Lama. Director Bhadra Bhujel’s ‘April Fool’ features actresses Sumina Ghimire and Mahima Silwal in main roles.

friday feature- actresses in theater

Both Sumina Ghimire and Mahima Silwal are known for their hot roles and controversial statements in media. Their presence in movie creates an expectations of hot scenes in movies. Based on the promotion materials and the shooting photos released by the production team, the movie will not disappoint the viewers who visit for hot content. About the success of the movie, the movie needs to be exceptionally good to be successful in the current competitive Nepali movie market.

Actress Jharana Thapa has been active in Nepali movie industry for a long time and she is one of the most consistent actress who is being featured in FF for the third time in the last weeks we have started this section. About the other actresses in ‘Dhukuti’, much is not known and we hope to get more information about Pirya Rijal and Dolma Lama in future.

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