Nepali actress Binita Baral starting organic farm house

Excessive use of pesticides and herbicides in crops has been a huge problem in the health of the people in Nepal. To address the problem, Nepali actress Binita Baral is planning an organic farm. Actress Baral is partnering with two other people to start an organic greenhouse in Tokha. The farm spreading in a rented land of 3 ropani area will grow vegetable and fruits.

binita baral shooting of a music video

Apart from business motive, Binita says that the effort is targeted into attracting youth in organic farming. To manage and run the organic farm Binita is also taking farming training.

The farm house is started on the budget of Rs. 900,000 divided into three partners. When the production starts in the farm they are planning a retail store in the area.

Binita didn’t forget to add that people shouldn’t think that she is being involved in alternative businesses because of lack of work load in the film industry.

Binita is waiting for the release of her latest movie ‘Superhit’.

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