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Nepali actress Sumina Ghimire‘s parents had moved to Surkhet from their ancestral home in Karaputar, Lamjung. Sumina moved to Kathmandu to study. He parents wanted Sumina to be either a medical doctor or a government officer. But, Sumina was more interested in dance and acting.

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After completion of her intermediate in arts, she started a dance class in Rajdhani Kala Kendra. After 5-months-long training she joined Krishna Films, a Shankar BC’s dance school in Kamaladi. During that training she worked in her first music video ‘Eutai Dori Paso Lagam..’.

The first time she worked in a movie was ‘Signature’. After the audition, she got the role of the friend of the lead actor in the documentary-style movie. After that, she got ‘Timi Mero Ma Timro’, in which she is featured as the sister of the character played by actor Nikhil Upreti.

Although ‘Chhabilal Kanjush Chaina’ was the debut movie of Sumina Ghimire as a lead actress, ‘Dulahi’ was released before her first movie. She got the role in the movie when the director Gyanendra Deuja saw Sumina’s photo in modeling site, Cybersansar. Gyanendra contacted Sumina and asked her to do acting and dance before selecting her to do the movie.

Actress Profile

  • Name – Sumina Ghimire
  • Real name – Mina Ghimire
  • Date of birth –
  • Birthplace – Karaputar, Lamjung
  • Home town – Surkhet
  • First music video – Eutai Dori Paso Lagam …


Sumina Ghimire debuted as a lead actress in ‘Dulahi’. Before that, she was seen in short roles in ‘Timi Mero Ma Timro’ and ‘Signature’.

  • Chhabilal Kanjush Chaina (2012)
  • Dulahi (2011)
  • Kina Mayama (2011)
  • Sadak (2012)
  • Hello Pardeshi (2012)
  • Timro Lagi (2012)
  • Jaya Hos (2012)
  • Papi Raat
  • Purano Hudaina Maya
  • Rang (2013)
  • Timi Mero Ma Timro
  • Signature
  • 9 O’clock
  • Bhimdatta

UPDATE – Sumina’s daughter:

Sumina Ghimire videos:
Sumina talks about the controversies:

Sumina donates blood for the first time:

Sumina talks about her love of item songs.

Hot Photos of Sumina Ghimire

sumina ghimire with rose

Sumina posing cross-legged on very short skirt at the sets during shooting of ‘9 O’clock’

sumina gbhimire boobs show

Sumina dancing on skimpy clothes

sumina ghimire wet falls

A shooting scene showing Sumina in wet cloth beside a water fall.

sumina bhimire on jeans shorts transparent shirt

A hot photo of Sumina showing her belly in tight shorts and transparent shirt.

sumina ghimire  timro lagi underwear show

A scene from the movie ‘Timro Lagi’ when Sumina showed her undies.

sumina ghimire sunglas blue one pice

sumina ghimire mobile phone

sumina ghimire saree

sumina ghimire with biraj bhatta

sumina ghimire heart ballon

March 9, 2015
– Sumina got married to a pilot, Roshan Sapkota on March 9, 2015. (Photo and video of marriage ceremony).
– Sumina to retire from acting after marriage.
March 12, 2015 – Interview videos and marriage video added.
September 25, 2016 – Video added about Sumina’s daughter.

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  1. She was sober and gentle girl while she was living as a girl next door in Ghatteluko. She just used to wear plain white shirt and dark denim. She all of a sudden she started hanging with boys.
    Cars and bikes started to wait her.
    Then she got a taste of money, stardom and god knows what else.
    Now she is married and a family women. May god bless her and have a settled married life.

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