Nepali actress Suvekshya Thapa is the fake Miss Nepal

Nepali actress Suvekshya Thapa is the mother of a 16-years-old daughter – almost ready to participate in Miss Nepal beauty contest. But, the mother has decided to play Miss Nepal – at least in a movie she is producing herself.


Suvekshya Thapa

In a movie named ‘The Miss Nepal’, Suvekshya is told to be doing a role of a Miss Nepal. The plot and details of the movie is kept a secret.

It seems, the organizer of Miss Nepal contest, Hidden Treasure, is not happy on the movie and has objected on the subject of the movie. The reason behind the objection of the organization is not known.

Do you think Suvekshya looks like a Miss Nepal ?


Suvekshya Thapa traditional dress

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