Nepali actresses convey Women's Day messages

Nepali actresses aren’t that much active in Facebook. But, there are some who keep themselves updated and use it to convey their messages to their fans. If you haven’t checked already, we have collected the messages of Nepali actresses’ Women’s Day.

binita harshika priyanka and nisha

Binita Baral 

Naari diwash ma sabai naari harulai suvakamana…, hami garba garchhau NAARI hunuma…!!!!

Harshika Shrestha 

Happy women’s day from my side to all my frenzz 🙂
who have fake ID, as an women in this social network,
wish u guys, god may change ur gender to this occasion. 🙂

Nisha Adhikari

The true strength of a woman in Nepal lies in waking up as a human being and conducting the entire day as one. We are human beings, professionals and then women. A person has to be defined based on their qualification, work and contribution towards the society and not gender, cast , race,money n other biased factors. Forget that you are a woman while conducting good deeds and while at work. Equality is a mental challenge than a physical one. Happy women’s day! ♥

Priyanka Karki 

It’s Women’s week… I am a woman and I’m proud to be one ♥ (and shared the following cartoon):

woman work

Latest update in Priyanka’s profile:

Let a day come when we will not have to scream about Women’s rights every day until we are hoarse. When we don’t have to fight to stay safe. When we don’t have to justify what we wear, where we go, when we go, with who we go. That day will be Women’s Day. As for today, it’s just another day in a woman’s life. Try not to rape her because her skirt was provocative or cos she was out late at night. Tired of talking about Women’s rights, let’s talk about men’s rights. Your right to respect, to love, to cherish. Your right to treat women better. That’s all we Women need and these are just some humble requests from all of us. Thank you.


I like the satirical message of Harshika and the cartoon shared by Priyanka is also nice.

Which one do you like the most ?

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