Nisha Adhikari and Yogeshwar Amatya duet (virtual)

In her Facebook post, Nepali actress Nisha Adhikari told that she doesn’t care what other people say about her. She added, all she wants is happiness in her family.

The prime principle by which i lead my life… Be your own driver..choose your destination(s)…no one should tell you when to honk, change gear, accelerate, slow down …. or when not to check your pout in the RV mirror!!

Singer Yogeshwar Amatya suggested a different view, "If you feel you need to be in the public eye then I feel a bit of sensitivity towards their opinion on you should also be considered…"

yogeshowr amatya and nisha adhikari

Nisha was prompt to state, "I am an actor and proud to be one. Likewise the public is the boss and always will be but they like us for who we are from inside out and for our work, not for being a puppet."

The conversation between the two was quite interesting – a high energy, turbo charged actress and the slow and steady Yogeshwar. While both were right in their essence I think, winners tend to be more aggressive.

The profile post:

nisha be yourself

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