Pooja Sharma cooked sel roti and visited Rakshya Nepal in Tihar

On Laxmi Puja day the ‘Prem Geet’ actress, Pooja Sharma, cooked a traditional sweet, Sel Roti. Cooking Sel Roti is not everybody’s cup of cake so, some guys appreciated Pooja’s skill. Although I find it pretty funny, Pooja Sharma didn’t find it funny and wasn’t happy about that (Read more about the incident in xnepali – When Pooja Sharma cooked Sel Roti).

Watch the following video report on what Pooja did in the Tihar festival.

Pooja is the only child in her family. So, she doesn’t have her own brothers to celebrate Bhai Tika with. So, she went to orphanage Rakhya Nepal and had some fun time with the orphan kids there. She told her dialogues from her movie ‘Prem Geet’. They also danced on one of the songs from the movie.

I think, Pooja’s visit meant a lot to the kids. They enjoyed and had fun time with the celebrity. In the video, they seem to appreciated Pooja and the time spent with her.

On Laxmi Puja, in addition to cooking Sel Roti, she also made a rangoli. The colourful decoration on the floor is meant to invite the goddess Laxmi in the home and bless with wealth. Laxmi likes light and decoration. So, people light oil candles and decorate their homes to make it more appealing for the goddess to visit. Pooja had her house covered in blinking lights and she had also lighted oil candles on Laxmi Puja.



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