Priyanka Karki faces Rishi Dhamala, will never let anyone dominate her

Actress Priyanka Karki has faced the notorious journalist Rishi Dhamala. Rishi is known to ask sub-standard questions to demoralize them. In the program titled ‘Dhamalako Hamala’ Priyanka was grilled by Dhamala recently.

priyanka karki with rishi dhamala interview

Like always, Rishi had asked questions that didn’t make sense and Priyanka has dealt with such question with dignity and intelligence. The interview was shown in Himalaya TV.

After the interview, Priyanka said, “I will always and forever stand by my beliefs, opinions and values. I will always speak my mind. I will always speak for women. I will never let anyone dominate or overpower. That’s that!”

Watch the following video to see how Priyanka deals with Rishi:

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