Priyanka Karki, Good and Bad things according to Pradeep Bastola

Singer and actor Pradeep Bastola and actress Priyanka Karki have known each other since the early days of their entertainment career. When Pradeep was doing a TV serial ‘College’ Priyanka was being featured in another serial ‘Gharbeti Ba’.

That was six years ago. Now, Priyanka has established herself as an actress and Pradeep is debuting as actor in upcoming movie ‘Adhakatti’ and is also an well known singer and musician. Based on his knowledge of Priyanka, Pradeep talks good and bad things about the actress.

Good things of Priyanka Karki:

  • Friendly – Priyanka knows how to be a good friend.
  • Good voice – She has a very good voice and is different from others.
  • Positive thinking – Priyanka is an optimist and is a good mannered person.
  • Very good dancer – Everybody agrees that she is a very good dancer.
  • Very good actress – She is as good as an actress as a dancer.

priyanka karki 2

Bad things about Priyanka Karki:

  • Very open in Facebook – Priyanka regularly uploads photos and event updated in Facebook. She does it too much.
  • Can’t say no – She should learn to say no to the projects that don’t suit her.
  • Can’t distinguish between good and bad – When friends are concerned, she can’t distinguish between good people and bad people.
  • Not too choosy – She should start being a bit choosy when films and Music videos are concerned.
  • Workaholic – She doesn’t care about her health and works a lot.

priyanka karki 1

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