Priyanka Karki turns 30, year in review

Like 2016, actress Priyanka Karki was again selected the most attractive woman of 2017 according to the survey by Saptahik. Priyanka has turned 30 on February 26, 2017.

Let me look back on the year for Priyanka:

  • Priyanka Karki’s movie ‘How Funny’ was released online in February, 2017. (Watch ‘How Funny’ in xnepali)
  •  Priyanka Karki’s ex-husband, a New York resident, Rochak Mainali, got engaged to Anshuma Kharel in in Kathmandu. Priyanka Karki was reported to have fainted in the sets of upcoming movie, ‘Radhe’ at Kalinchowk of Dolkha. There is a confusion on if two incidents are related or not.
  • Priyanka’s hot avatar at ‘Love Sasha’ film premier was also the talk of the town.  (Video attached below)
  • Priyanka was in the UK and the USA during the Christmas and New Year of this year. Priyanka completed the shooting of her upcoming movie ‘Happy Days’. The movie was mostly shot in UK.
  • Superhit movie ‘Chhaka Panja’ was also released online after it fell victim of piracy.
  • In December 2016, Kamana FilmAwards she won two awards – one for the supporting role in ‘Classic’ and another for the Popular Choice Award.
  • ‘Nai Nabhannu La 4’, another Priyanka Karki movie was also released online this year. This was also a hit movie.
  • ‘Fanko’ was also released online this year. So were ‘Aawaran’ and ‘Lootera’.
  • Priyanka complained about journalists (see video below) and wrote, “Whenever I upload new picture, share new music videos or movie songs songs, why do you guys abuse me so much?” But, right after the complaint, Priyanka was seen in a very revealing dress.

About Journalist abusing:

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