Priyanka Karki visits Life Vision Academy

Actress Priyanka Karki had celebrated her birthday in February with the kids of Life Vision Academy, Bhaktapur. It seems, the kids have won her hearts and she has visited the academy again. Like in the previous visit, Priyanka also gave presents to the kids.

Priyanka shared the following photo of a very thankful little girl who kissed on her cheek.

priyanka karki gifts to kids at school

During the birthday celebration, Priyanka had told about the love of 38 kids of the academy and she told that it was ‘the best birthday ever’.

Priyanka says she has visited Life Vision Academy, Bhaktapur. The school educates and takes care of children of rape victims.

priyanka karki at life vision academy in her birthday

The photo above was taken during her birthday celebration in February.

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