Priyanka Malvika and others helping Earthquake victims

Actress Priyanka Karki and others are teaming up to help earthquake victims. For those who want to donate money, Priyanka has asked to, "hold on to that cash," as the victims need more than cash at the time of emergency. Although a lot of money will be required to support the victims and rebuilding process, at this time more basic items are required for the survival of earthquake victims.

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She has told, "We are traveling to affected villages with basic necessities so if you want to send basic items- water, medicines, food." 

At the time when the government is criticized for its inability to deal with the situation, individuals are teaming up to provide the support needed for the people. Priyanka Karki had volunteered in Bir Hospital and worked together with Malvika Subba to send basic necessity materials to the victims of Nuwakot through Nyano Sansar.

Priyanka has also asked the people with car to transport food, water, medicines and other basic supplies to the affected places. Priyanka had been constantly updating her Facebook page since the earthquake on April 25. You can visit Priyanka’s Facebook page by going to

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