Priyanka Karki earthquake relief volunteering

Here is the summary of the volunteer and relief work actress Priyanka Karki is doing. The information is a summary of the things Priyanka has written in her FB page.

Actress Priyanka Karki has told that she got an oppurtunity to witness a lot of thing in recent time. Because of the fear of earthquake she slept in the outside with 4-5 other families. She woke up at 5 AM when volunteers distributed water to them. Priyanka told them that her house is good and doesn’t need the water. She joined the volunteers to distribute the water in Mangal Bazar, Sundhara in Patan.

After the water distribution, Priyanka went to Durbar Marg. An organization, Nyano Sansar was preparing to send relief materials to Nuwakot in a truck. She helped loading 30 sacks of beaten rice, water and medicine.

priyanka karki voluenter work

Priyanka’s next stop was Bir Hospital. Priyank’s friend Sudan Gurung had been volunteering in the hospital since April 25. There were different types of people. Some had to cut their feet, some with broken hands and legs, broken spinal cord, head injury. She witnessed a lot of different health condition in people. The MRI machine of Bir Hospital was broken. She helped a patient to go to another hospital for MRI. She also prepared the list of things needed immediately in Patan, Mangal Bazar.

priyanka karki

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