Priyanka MV biography, Anmol KC film Captain actress

Last updated on July 12th, 2018 at 04:27 pm

Actress Priyanka MV is debuting in Nepali film industry in Anmol KC’s next movie, ‘Captain’. The movie being produced by Bhuwan KC will feature Anmol KC opposite to two female characters. One of the is Priyanka MV and another is Upasana Singh Thakuri.

Priyanka MV Profile

Name – Priyanka MV
Birthday – May 8
Age – 23 (As of July 2018)
Education – Bachelors’ Degree (2017)
Debut film – Captain

How Priyanka got the role in ‘Captain’

It was actress Jiya KC, the unofficial girlfriend of Bhuwan KC who spoted Priyanka MV in Instagram. Based on the script of the movie, Priyanka was one of the best fit actress and she was called by the film team for the audition.

The movie made on the story of a football player is produced by Bhuwan KC and features Anmol in leading role. The director of the film in Diwakar Bhattarai.

Indian Roots

Priyanka’s father, Bhaskaran MV Saraf, came from South India to work for Chaudhary Group. While in Nepal, he married a Nepali woman, Ranju Bhandari according to Nepali traditions. He also wore Nepali dress – daura suruwal and dhaka topi, during the marriage (see attached photo). After marrying Ranju, Bhaskaran began living permanently in Nepal. They have two daughters and Priyanka is the youngest of them.

Originally from Kerala, India, Bhaskaran is working as a senior manager at CG Holdings.

The marriage of Priyanka MV’s parents

Priyanka is very good in traditional Indian dance.

Priyanka MV considers Priyanka Karki her idol. As they share the same name MV also aims to be as successful as Karki. Here is a photo of the two together in a program.

Childhood photos of Priyanka MV:

Priyanka with her parents in her childhood

Hot photos of Priyanka MV

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