Real Names of Karishma Manandhar, Garima Panta and others

Last updated on June 9th, 2016 at 09:24 pm

It is interesting – the real name of Karishma is “Bunu” – what a sweet name ! I wish she hadn’t changed it as Bunu sounds better than Karishma.

People would have hard time saying Rukmini Kumari Poudel if Usha Poudel hadn’t changed her name before coming in the film industry.

They have really interesting names, enjoy the video report:

UPDATE: The real names of some of the actresses not mentioned in the video are:

  • Aana Sharma’s real name is Annapurna Sharma
  • Jharana Thapa’s real name is Kamala Thapa.
  • Jal Shah’s real name is Jal Shah Karmacharya.


Its fun to know the real names of actresses like Pooja to Poojana.

  • Karishma Manandhar was originally Bunu KC. She became Karishma KC in her debut movie ‘Santaan’
  • Pooja Chand is actually Radhika Pariyar. Now, she is named Pooja R. Lama now after marrying Raju Lama.
  • Poojana Pradhan is Pooja Gurung in reality. She is also known by the name Poojana Stri.
  • Garima Panta is Kamala Panta in reality.
  • Nandita KC is Shova KC in reality
  • Usha Poudel is Rukmini Kumari Poudel
  • Yuna Upreti is Yamnuna Upreti
  • Kristi Mainali is Meena Khatri originally. She changed her name to Kristi KC and finally she became Mainali.
  • Melina Manandhar is Sunita Manandhar

karishma manandhar real name

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