Rekha Thapa finishes the Mahendranager shooting of Himmatwali

After the completion of the shooting of Rekha Thapa‘s upcoming movie in Mahendranager, she has left for Kathamndu. The remaining shooting of the movie is scheduled to be held in Kathamndu.

rekha thapa returns kathamndu (1)

While in Mahendranagar, ‘Himmatwali’ director had left the shooting spot and Rekha had taken over the role of the director of the movie.

While the ex-director Shyam Bhattarai accused Rekha of being unprofessional, Rekha had told that the director knows nothing about film direction. To clear the situation, Rekha is expected to organize a press meet in Kathmandu.

rekha thapa returns kathamndu (2)

A photo of Rekha Thapa during the shooting of ‘Himmatwali’:

Himmatwali shooting rekha thapa (2)

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