Rekha Thapa successfully screened Kali in Hong Kong

Rekha Films’ superhit movie, ‘Kali’ was successfully screened in Hong Kong on December 8, 2013. The lead actress and the producer of the movie, Rekha Thapa, watched the movie with the viewers. Rekha had gone to Hong Kong on December 3.

rekha thapa - speaking at the hong kong screening of Kali

The Council General of Nepal in Hong Kong, Mahesh Prasad Dahal was present in the ceremony.

After the show, Rekha has stated that the screening of the movie was a "grand success" in Hong Kong.

Here are some photos of Rekha during the ceremony. (Photo credit – Rekha)

kali poster unvieling

rekha thapa in hongkong

rekha thapa - hong kong screening of Kali

rekha watching kali in hongkong

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