Rekha Thapa's support to Sumina Ghimire, another side of the coin ?

Till now, every media (including us) were writing about what the journalist Bijaya Awaj told about the incident with Sumina Ghimire. He told that the reason she was angry was a harmless article he wrote. In the previous post, our analysis of the article:

The article that caused Sumina to loose her temper doesn’t contain any personal accusation and is a mere analysis of her past career and the failure of her movies.

Sumina Ghimire_011

After reading the press release of Rekha Thapa (attached below), it seems, the article wasn’t the real reason behind Sumina’s anger and the journalist had misguided everybody in believing such.

A few questions to the journalist:

  • Why was only 1:27 minute long conversation released?
  • What was the thing that caused the provocation of the actress? It is clear, the article alone can’t cause such an insane response.
  • Was there any blackmailing involved?

Read Rekha’s press release and comment with your view on the incident.

rekha supports sumina

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