Rekha Thapa to work for Raute and Chepang children

Nepali actress Rekha Thapa has returned back to Nepal on the evening of December 10, after the successful screening of her movie ‘Kali‘ in Hong Kong.

rekha thapa adressing hk audiance

While in Hong Kong, Rekha talked about Rekha Thapa Foundation, a non-government organization helping backward community kids. In the event she told about the plan to help kids of Raute and Chepang communities. She has started the foundation with 3 kids and she is planning to help more orphan kids. The foundation is responsible for the upbringing and education of the children under it.

She also told to register herself as the mother of one of the kids to provide him with the citizenship certificate.

After returning back to Nepal, Rekha is going to start her next movie ‘Kamala’. Commercial success of the movie she produced without the help of her ex-husband, ‘Kali’ and relatively less successful of Chhabi’s movie ‘Loafer’ has encouraged the actress to produce another movie soon.

rekha smiles

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