Richa Ghimire names her son Mizas

After months of searching and thinking, Nepali actress Richa Ghimire and her director husband Shankar Ghimire have finally decided on the name they would give to their son.

Richa’s son will be called Mizas Ghimire and the nickname they have chosen is Rio.

The name sounds nice.

richa ghimire son named

Richa Ghimire has been tending her son and has been taking break from acting for the last one and a half year. In a latest photo, taken during her birthday on February 21, she looked slim and beautiful, all ready to take on the film industry.

We hope, Richa will comeback in the film industry soon.

richa with her son

Photo – A photo of Richa with her 1-months-old Mizas Ghimire (a photo taken 6/7-months earlier)

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