Rumor – Rekha Thapa's award awarded to Nita Dhungana

In a media report, actress Nita Dhungana was awarded the National award of Best actress in the last minute. In the report, Rekha Thapa was initially set to win the best actress award. But, because of the conflict of the organizers with the Film Development Board chief, Pappu, the award was changed in the last minute. The fact that Rekha is close to Pappu is cited as the cause of the last minute changes.

neeta dhungana national film award best actress

Pappu had been vocal in his protest against the award ceremony and he didn’t showed up in the award program. Although she was nominated in the award, actress Rekha Thapa also didn’t attend the award ceremony.

In the report published in Janaashtha weekly, FDB chief Pappu wasn’t happy by the addition of the word ‘National’ in the NFDC film award.

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