Samragyee RL Shah gets a Tattoo in Philippines

Last updated on March 27th, 2019 at 04:52 am

Actress Samragyee RL Shah is currently in Philippines for the shooting of her upcoming movie with Aryan Sigdel, ‘Kayara’. In addition to shooting for the movie, the actress has also got a new tattoo under her right breast. The writing in the tattoo is not clear. It seems like an odd place to have tattoo and I believe it is a private message to somebody she loves and cares for. Because, showing it in public functions or even in movies is not an easy task. As it is only text, people might not be interested in it.

Video report:

Whatever may be the content of the tattoo, the location in itself is a sexy place to have a tattoo. The skin under breast is considered areas that turn girls on when touched.

Here are some more photos of Samragyee while she was getting tattooed:

Please comment on any one of the following question:

– Does the tattoo look good on Samragyee?
– Do you like the location Samragyee chose to tattoo?
– What do you think is written in the tattoo?
– Miss Nepal organizers don’t allow the participants to have tattoos on their bodies. Do you think that is a good rule to enter Miss Nepal contest?
– Do you like tattooed girls / boys?
– What is the best tattoo you have ever seen?

Thank you.

UPDATE: Samragyee hadn’t approved the release of the photo. So, the photo of the tattoo is removed from the post and from the video. I am sorry for the change. If you want the photo it is still available in various sites in internet. One of the locations I found is in xNepali forum. I discourage the sharing of photos not approved by the owner. The tattoo artists has apologized for releasing the photo without Samragyee’s approval.

Samragyee had also faced another controversy while she was in Philippines. One producer had told that Samragyee rejected a film because her role in the film was that of a village girl. Samragyee later told that she never rejected the film because the role was that of a village girl.

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