Shah Rukh Khan in Nepal, Priyanka Karki danced in Hindi songs

Nepali actress Priyanka Karki danced in Hindi songs in a program held by Nerolac paints. Shah Rukh Khan arrived in Nepal to participate in the program held in Kathmandu on March 9, 2015. The musical show was held in the evening at the hotel Yack and Yeti.

priyanka karki dancing in yak and yeti

In a Facebook post by Priyanka Karki, she had tried to dance in Nepali dance but as the whole team had arrived from India and everything was prepared for Indian dance, she had to perform in Hindi songs. Watch a video of her dance and read her explanation on why she couldn’t dance in Nepali songs.

If the embedding above is not working, I have also added the following screenshot.

priyanka karki explaination

One thought on “Shah Rukh Khan in Nepal, Priyanka Karki danced in Hindi songs

  1. you dont have to apologize for dancing in hindi songs. you have already proved that you are far more better dancer in the nepali music industry several times. you had the opportunity to dance alongside SRK which is a privelage and you took it. who wouldn’t take an opporutinty like that ???

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