Sumina Ghimire secretly went to Malaysia with a producer

The relationship between film producer Ramesh Sambedana and actress Sumina Ghimire has been a topic of gossip in the film industry for some time. In a latest report, Sambedana and Sumina had secretly gone to Malaysia. Ramesh had told his close friends that he was going to India.

The secret flight to Malaysia was unveiled when the group of artists going to Malaysia for Remix Dhamaka met the two in airport. After being caught off-guard, they told that the plan was to show their movie ‘9 o’clock’ in Malaysia. There was no news of such a show in Malaysia, and such an event isn’t kept secret.

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Sumina Ghimire is the lead actress of Sambedana’s upcoming movie ‘9 o’clock’. The movie had gone through a controversial name ‘A69’, that was later changed to the current name.

In the past, Sumina was linked with the producer of ‘Rang’ Roshan Hamal.

Actress Sumina is also known as the actress who had signed up a lot of movies in a short time. She also made news when she constructed a new house in Kathmandu. Many film artists were surprise on how she could have amassed such a big amount of money.

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Sumina Ghimire in a scene of "9 O’clock"


Ramesh Sambedana

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  1. I dont see there is any big deal regarding this issue. As they also have their fundamental right to live freely .They are allowed to have fun with mutual consent.we know that there are so many people who do such act in everyday life. Let them enjoy .

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