Sumina Ghimire visa rejected by US Embassy

The US Embassy has rejected the visa application of actress Sumina Ghimire. Sumina was planning to participate in some programs to be held in the USA.

sumina ghimire (1)

In a report, Sumina hadn’t fulfilled the requirements to apply for the visa. The US Embassy has been a bit concerned on the visa of Nepali artists as many artists haven’t returned back after the end of the visa duration.


There is a trend of Nepali artists hiding in the USA so, the embassy had rejected the visa application of more than a few artists. The visa of singer Rajesh Payal Rai was previously rejected but, he is currently in a tour in USA after he got the visa in recent application.

Many of the Nepali artists are rejected because of their negligence on the required documents. So, they get the visa in their second attempt when they provide all the required document. We are not sure what might be the case of Sumina’s rejection. But, we suspect he might have missed the required document to be rejected.

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